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P.S.  You can get the book here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal   For us, I’m organizing a get-together. January 24, 11 am PT (HYPERLINK TO SIGNUP)I’m not giving a lecture. I’ll give a reading. If the P.S. is h

My 6th book… The Witch’s Cancer Journal … releases today. If you have a friend with cancer… please get her a copy. She may find some light, some alternate reality, insanely helpful. As per popular demand… h

Ok.I’ll listen.Cancer made me a better listener.___________________________________She teaches you the rules of her game: keep your eyes wide open, search for clues, get fit as a fiddle, clean as a whistle, and sharp a

Cate lets her walls down in this book. Vulnerability, discovery, transformation, and many jaw-dropping moments. The true story of an encounter with a life-altering diagnosis from an empowering perspective and guided by i

Now, if you’re new here… this next week of emails is going to be TMI. Too much. And if you’ve been around, I feel like you should know. (BTW: I no longer have cancer. I’m super good. I’m no longer scared of