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Charge more… and you feel guilty. Charge less… and your lifestyle is too busy. What to do? Oh, the question of price. You may hear things like, “Charge what you’re worth.”Or, you may be encouraged by a busi

lmk where you need help How do you create your best offer ever? I’m going to help you think it through. Hit pause. Reflect. Look back to engineer forward. WHAT is working best for your best clients? (or patients, or st

Or rather, what is YOUR OFFER? I was meeting a prospect who wanted to be a client. This is how the conversation went. “Do you have an offer?”“What do you mean, an offer? Ok. Let’s start here. What are you offerin

Worthiness, oh worthiness From wellness pros, I often hear, “I need to price what I’m worth.” I disagree. You are worth so very much more than clients may be willing to pay. So, what do you do with that? You make Y