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The way I show up in the world is the way my organization shows up. After only three months I see much greater possibilities for positive impact, I’m not thinking small anymore. I don’t just see opportunities, but I’ve designed strategies to meet them. The path is clear and I’m walking it with my head held high, Shoulders back, heart open, and eyes trained on the target. This feels great!
Alicia Heyburn
A sense of gratitude raised from my heart as I was being aware of the huge transformation of my life. I couldn't have done this without the support of this community. In my darkest moments, I found the inspiration and the wisdom of many other members to find back my direction.
Monica Biasiolo
Wow, what a life-changer! Doing the course from home has meant that I made real, lasting changes in my habits that I can actually commit to with my lifestyle. I feel so confident communicating with my yoga students about Ayurvedic concepts, and they love it. I am running Ayurveda workshops, and my peeps love them! Thank you!
Louise Kitchener
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