You never find yourself until you face the truth of your MICROBIOME

Has your doctor done a microbiome test yet? Are you on medication? How is that affecting your microbiome? And what does microbiome have to do with how you feel? How does our microbiome dictate how you digest? Your focus?

What is your allostatic load?

And how do you lower your allostatic load with a Ullyses contract?

Are you curious about

  1. Allostasis, Homeostasis and allostatic load and chronic inflammation
  2. HOW you switch your negative stressor habits to positive stressor habits?
  3. WHO you need to get traction fast with positive stressor habits?
  4. What is the first cause of disease according to AYURVEDA?
  5. How to use a Ullyses contract with yourself (bind yourself to your own better future.