I advocate for primal habits, circadian rhythm, for modern entrepreneurship, for scaling your impact and influence, for driving toward the experience you want to have next. I use structures to solve problems. I build clubs to potentiate members.
I steer directly into controversy, into the eye of the storm to bring ancient healing wisdom like urine therapy, cow dung therapy, and the million cures to cancer we already know about. I champion terrain theory.

I lead from being, becoming. I write to form connections to my clubs where we live the primal habits in real time – around the planet, in ourselves, our families, our working groups, and our communities.

Youtube Shorts
Vibrant health for your future potential with Ayurveda, Living Foods & Yoga.
Club Thrive Application
Cate coaches members at her exclusive /effective/evolving CLUB THRIVE
Live Events
2023: Barcelona, Wyoming, Jersey Shore, Mexico