We do PRIMAL HABITS. We live with circadian rhythm. We eat the microbiome diet. We ritualize seasonal soulful detoxes. We vision our individual futures. We strategize, plan and take aligned actions to make sh*t happen in our lives. 

We use structures and strategy to clear the path to bigger, brighter realities.


We are the hardcore CLUB THRIVE posse. We make bigger things happen before breakfast.

We are in it for impact, for a seat at the card game of life, paying full attention to an amazing NOW and future EVEN better.


We believe WELLNESS PROS are the answer to the prayers of people who want to thrive, to heal, to intuit, to grow, to prosper, to experience the sheer magnificence of being human.

We guide wellness pros to launch themselves with the CLUB model. We model the way in CLUB THRIVE.


Time is on your side with habits. Time goes by. With ositive stressor habits you get better with more days, months, and years.

Hang with people with the right habits. Pick the club that has the habits, the results, the vibe and the comraderie you most desire. And watch the magic happen.


Clubs are the most effective investments of transformations. The club with the right collective mission, philosophy, convictions, structure and vibe create a network, a community, with core competencies. This is essential to thrive in these Farside times. If you’re ready to step out of the whirlwind of “busy” and into your next version of thrive… apply to be in one of Cate’s CLUBS.


Cate, a gifted visionary, has created an extraordinary path for dynamic growth and evolution for retirees desiring the risks of trying on new ways of being. I am forever grateful for her guidance on this growth path. 🙏🏾

Lana Svien


Cate's leadership in the wellness industry, paired with her ability to walk the talk while leading others to heal and become leaders themselves is truly inspirational. I'm so honored to get to learn with her, from her, and experience her impact!

Hillary Mendoza

We orient towards thrive.

We live in circadian rhythm.

Primal habits awaken subtle physiology.

We engage strategy + structure to align to next life purpose.

We connect to collaborate to evolve together.

Our mission is to guide our members to live true to their purpose and thrive: in body, relationships, investments, and impact.

Microbiome diet, how to clear cancer + all chronic disease
healing crisis, detox, liver flush, gut shots, circadian rhythm, positive stressor habits, cancer as the most extreme dysbiosis. (#uninflamed -MICROBIOME, HEAL, MEDICINE, DATA)
how to invest your attention, your money or credit, into yourself at any age for better resturns than anywhere else. #investinyou (#uninflamed book- WISDOM, MONEY)
Cow dung juice
If one were to ask me what is the only medicine you need from outside your body, my answer would be cow dung juice. (Mix 1 part fresh dung with 1 part water. Blend on low. Strain. Store in fridge. Swish. Snort. Rub. (#uninflamed – EAT DIRTY)
Lead from lifestyle
If disease is disease-driven, then thrive is thrive-driven. Which means all the things you feel, think, and act out in any given day. To lead the way to thrive you must lead from lifestyle. Build momentum. Grow the field. Unleash your potential. Unlock your soul’s deepest desires. #nobullshit (Book: HOW TO SCALE YOUR WELLNESS BUSINESS)
Inspired, not retired
If you’re wanting to integrate your life of wisdom into your next purpose, your next chapter… we give you the high five. Intergenerational wisdom, integrated impact, and wellness lifestyle is what we’re all about for our over 55 crowd at CLUB THRIVE.
A thought leader, healer, writer, coach, gen x entrepreneur, and CLUB creator devoted to guiding you to experience your potential. I lead CLUB THRIVE, CLUB HERO, and the CLUB at Wellness PRO ACADEMY. In CLUBS, people evolve in the life they want faster, more easily and it’s WAY more fun.

My Clubs meet you where you already are

The modern club comes to you. And you’re invited to the meet-ups, of course.

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