How Does My Microbiome Work?

What is your microbiome? How conventional is your microbiome? How can you improve your microbiome? Can probiotics heal your gut microbiome? Listen into the episode as Cate reads the MICROBIOME chapter from her new release, Uninflamed.

Are you curious about

  • What is going on with your microbiome?
  • How to get a diversity of microbiome species to colonize your gut
  • Is your immune system enhanced or disrupted by your microbiome?


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  • Chemotherapeutic potential of cow urine: A review
  • Animal urine studies
  • Cate’s latest book: Uninflamed: 21 Anti-Inflammatory PRIMAL HABITS to heal, sleep better, intermittent fast, detox, lose weight, feel great, & crush your life goals with a kickass microbiome
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