Pricing YOUR OFFER in a relationship-centric economy

The hardest part of pricing your offer is assessing the value of your relationship for your clients’ transformation.

We’ve already assessed that YOUR BEST OFFER EVER is a transformational journey. We already assessed your A to B (the shift your clients experience on the journey).

Then, we started talking about pricing.

See your prior emails (or the blog at , if you missed all this.

To pick up where we left off… we need to structure your value as a wellness pro in a relationship-centric economy.

A what?

A relationship-centric economy.

Today we’re in a relationship-centric economy.

What does that mean?

Your clients have enough food in their fridge, enough clothes in their closet, enough toys in their garage.

People want transformation.

Transformation requires relationships.

Relationships enter the value-pricing equation.


We’ll figure this out, 1-1, with you and your business. All you need to do is check out the short course, and you’ll get the 1-1 coaching to structure and price YOUR BEST OFFER EVER, in the relationship economy. (By check out, I mean buy!)


My team will coach YOUR BEST OFFER EVER out of you. Soup to nuts.

You’ll sign up. Then you’ll schedule these 2 sessions:

  1. Schedule your DRAFT Your Best Offer Ever 1-1 Coaching Session
    1. 90 minutes
    2. Package the best transformation you can guide
    3. Make it scalable
    4. Make it a membership that renews
  2. Schedule your FINALIZE Your Best Offer Ever 1-1 Coaching Session
    1. 60 minutes
    2. Finalize the best transformation you can guide
    3. Run the Numbers
    4. Troubleshoot the Critical Issues
  3. Then, you’ll watch my 15 minute training.
  4. You’ll open your YOUR BEST OFFER EVER Workbook.

You may or may not work on your draft before your DRAFT session. (I recommend you do. The more you put in, the heftier the payback).

Starting with YOUR OFFER is what we do in Wellness Pro Academy. If you don’t LOVE your current offer (or have one!) this is for you.

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Check it out. And by checking it out, I mean buy the damn thing. So we can help you help yourself.


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