Detox Recipes: Spice water, detox balls + power smoothies

I live at the bottom of a ski hill. My husband and I were on the chair lift yesterday. I mentioned the 5 day FMD.

Enough about fasting… let’s talk Detox Foods!

When I started guiding local groups through seasonal detoxes two decades ago, I was naive. I had no idea what to expect.

Young adults with seasonal allergies since childhood found their allergies first lessened. Then, their allergies disappeared. For good.

So many people reversed their weight creep. For Good.

Infertile women became pregnant. (Seriously. There are a number of Yogideox babies who are now in high school!)

Perhaps, the most surprising, and unsexy benefit I heard time and again was,
“I learned how to cook!”

I heard this time and again.
I was surprised.
I thought everyone knew how to cook.

We start with the simplest of recipes.
Seasonal detox is a primal habit.

Our ancestors knew which foods had which effects.
So, we start by recovering our palette with spice water.

Of course, many people come in with a sweet tooth.
In general, I’ve found deprivation doesn’t work.

Instead, we detox with nourishment and fasting.

For many people the 5 day FMD (LINK TO BLOG) resets their sweet tooth to crave good fats with their sweets. Making Detox Balls with dates and cacao can help.

Even my teenager has gotten off gluten and sugar thanks to Detox Balls

Recipes that hydrate cells during detox are crucial during detox. Celery and cucumbers are hydrating. Dandelion and thistle clear the liver. Lemons are astringent which creates a puckering effect on cells.

The microbiome loves the cellulose from celery… and thrive on all the 6 tastes in this simple smoothie:

If you come with us for the April Yogidetox,
this is what will happen:

  • You’ll have more energy every morning, afternoon and evening
  • You’ll feel better
  • You’ll look better
  • You’ll save money and stop wasting money
  • You’ll stop wasting food and stop wasting time.
  • You’ll stop the uphill battle of escalating health issues that can slowly erode the life of your dreams. Your dreams. And your dreams matter to us. 
  • You’ll feed yourself more nutrients!

Become vital, awake, uninflamed… truly human.


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P.P.S Seasonal Allergies are reversible. Weight creep is reversible. Inflammation is reversible. Detox reverses symptoms!. Get your ticket now.