A Reading from Witch’s Cancer

Cate lets her walls down in this book. Vulnerability, discovery, transformation, and many jaw-dropping moments. The true story of an encounter with a life-altering diagnosis from an empowering perspective and guided by intuition.

-Tatiana Wolfe
Founder of Healthful Evolution

In Witch’s Cancer… the chapters are short. The chapter titled “SISTERS” appears in the front matter. I love many features of the Vellum App, one of which is I can have conversations with readers. I can talk with you, directly.

Here is the chapter, SISTERS

You find yourself (or someone you love) at the bottom of the pit of despair. You end up in a place you must travel alone. You are being tested. You are afraid of cancer.

You were abducted by the King of the Underworld, who was in cahoots with the God of Heaven. You find yourself at the black bottom of the sea. You are the innocent, trusting, and distracted Persephone. And Innana before her.

You thought you were a badass.

You were wrong.

You are in the gloomiest of the forsaken chambers. Your flesh dissipated into the female walking skeleton. What is left of your ego gets impaled upon entering. Your sister – unbridled truth – impales you through your power center on a meat hook. You are far below the whirlwind of the land of the living. No one can see you, hear you, save you. Left alone to die. Awake.

Death is the easy way out.

You must navigate back to the light you cannot see, with energy you do not have. Your flesh, your shape, your power is gone.

You can’t tell up from down.

You are tested. Every waking moment.

You sink beyond the depths of despair.

You come undone.

Again and again and again and again.

Finally, you surrender to the occasion.

Finally, you stop fighting.

Your ego dissolves.

You partner with Cancer. You breathe into her. You connect to her vibe.

You pray to Cancer. You plea with her to digest your ego, your knowing, your blind faith, your outdated innocence. You give yourself over to her power of reinvention.
You are no longer afraid. You receive.

You sniff a whiff of wisdom. You invite the Cancer to eat you alive. To digest your past, your patterns, the past you. You let Cancer do her work. You nourish her with the best elixirs and remedies of release and renewal. You hear her plea for complete detox, for rejuve. She dismantles the old you, toe to tip and back to toe. You give into the full cycle of unwinding to wind again.

The world is not as it seems.

You find truth in taboo.

You return from hell, eyes wide open. Your Medusa hair is reckless, blackened by Hell. You slash pink ribbons with your claws. You are unpalatable. You wield Crazy Wisdom. Untamable. Vital beyond mortality. You frighten those who hear your tale. You wield the power of the paradox, the dynamic synergy of the opposites expanding. You have become the dark and the light; the underworld and the heavens.

Now, you are one of us.

Welcome to The Witch’s Cancer Journal.


P.S. If you care to read the book, pre-order it here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal. It comes out January 17…