Stuck on Your Offer? DIY, DWY, DFY

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How do you create your best offer ever? I’m going to help you think it through.

Hit pause.

Look back to engineer forward.

WHAT is working best for your best clients? (or patients, or students, or customers) Let’s just call them clients for now.

WHY are your best clients your best clients? 

HOW can you send a signal to people like your best clients?
WHAT is the biggest breakthrough your clients have had in working with you?

With the right questions, you can think creatively.

Thinking is the real lever in business.

And, we know most wellness pros appreciate a lever.
Especially when you are a heavyweight in wellness expertise, and a lightweight in business expertise.

Because you are incorporating your past to engineer your future… you’ll design your best offer… smarter.

Your best offer is the most profound transformation you can guide.

Most wellness pros have DWY and DFY components to their offers.
What is that?

DWY: Done with you.

DFY: Done for you.

DIY: Do it yourself.

Let me give you an example. For over a decade I offered Body Thrive. It was a one year journey. We coached members to automate the habits of yogis. Members had life-changing breakthroughs. Members lost excess weight. Members shed allergies and migraines and skin issues and even seizures.

What was DWY?

Done with you was the live weekly coaching with me. Eventually I trained Body Thrive mentors who also did the weekly coaching. Done with you was also accountability partnerships we’d set up for our members.

DFY: Done for you was the library of meditation, yoga and other videos for my members. Done for you was also 1-1 consultations built into the experience.

DIY: Do it yourself was the daily habits. We created a strong culture around circadian rhythm habits, plus Ayurvedic seasonal eating and food combining, plus the habit of meal spacing or intermittent fasting. Teach a man to fish, or a woman to give herself abhyanga (self-massage)… and she can grow in her healing powers for life.

Remember: Your Value is the transformation you can guide…

What you include that is DIY, DFY, or DWY should be that which guides your clients to the best transformation. Start there.

(We’ll connect this to pricing YOUR BEST OFFER… later. For now, focus on the transformation!)

Put your attention into HOW to guide the transformation. Make it YOUR BEST OFFER EVER.
As wellness pros we are best suited to guiding transformation. Often, we just don’t have an offer that is the smartest way we can use our skills and our influence to affect positive change. Transformation.

Let’s make your offer… Transformational.

What if …you leverage faster deeper transformation for more clients to synergize with each other? Your offer is now much more helpful to your clients.

And therefore,

worth more.

Worth more?


P.s. Between now-2030 we’re entering a new economy. The shift is from Customer-Centric to Relationship-Centric. We’ll get into this in the next email.