Please get my book, and get TMI + into the Fireside Chat

Just wow.
A Witch’s Guide to Cancer is everything Cate Stillman always offers us – wildness, rawness, truth and integrity.”

– Katie Silcox
Author of Glow-Worthy and founder of The Shakti School

Did you ever play the game CATEGORIES as a kid?
Categories. Clap clap.
Names of. Clap clap.

Amazon bookstore sections.

Indigenous Wisdom.

I’ve become so un-PC. Un-Politically Correct. How can a white middle-aged woman, born of a Jewish man and ex-Catholic woman, select a book category for her journal under Tribal and Indigenous Wisdom?

I’m of the notion that if the shoe fits, wear it.

My journey into cancer firmly overlapped my journey into PRIMAL HABITS . While I was trying to finish PRIMAL HABITS… I developed uterine cancer. But, I didn’t know it. If there were a section called Primal, I would have opted for that.

Who is the tribe in tribal?

Over the past two decades my books and coaching community generated a global tribe. About a decade ago, many raised the issue of cultural appropriation. And fair enough.

Yet, if the shoe fits, wear it.
PRIMAL HABITS and The Witch’s Cancer Journal  are so far afield from everyday culture… that those who get it, we are indeed a tribe. And what we are living is indeed Indigenous wisdom.

So, I’m wearing those shoes.
(Which also means I’m running barefoot in the snow.)

My 6th book… The Witch’s Cancer Journal … releases today.

Here is the scoop…
Many of you have reached out. You have a friend/sister/mother/neighbor/coworker with cancer.

Or you have cancer.

Or you are working with people, as a wellness pro, who have scary diagnoses.

For us, I’m organizing a get-together.
January 24, 11 am PT (HYPERLINK TO SIGN UP)
I’m not giving a lecture.
I’ll give a reading

We’ll chat.
I’ll host.

Why come?

  • You’d rather not have cancer… and wonder what I would have done differently as a healer
  • You care about someone with cancer and are curious about my perspective
  • You work with clients who have a Scary Diagnosis, such as cancer, Parkinson’s, or dementia
  • You have a Scary Diagnosis
  • You’re crazy curious about my personal experiments for the past 18 months
  • You want my key takeaways from my Dance with Cancer
  • You want to take a nap while I read my book

I’ll let people know what we’re doing for people with cancer in Club Thrive, and what is working.

Please forward to share.

And click to come:


If you care to read the book, click here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal By buying it and sharing it… you shift the algorithm. Then, it’s easier for the people looking for something like this to find it. So, thank you for passing it forward, from them.


P.P.S.. As with all my books, there is an online access portal. The portal is for:

  1. People with a scary diagnosis
  2. People who work with people that have a scary diagnosis
  3. People who want to prevent a scary diagnosis.

I’m guessing you fit into at least one of the categories. So, please get the book… and you can access the portal.