Which of your friends has cancer, now?

My 6th book… The Witch’s Cancer Journal … releases today.

If you have a friend with cancer… please get her a copy. She may find some light, some alternate reality, insanely helpful.

As per popular demand… here is more from my journal.

A war, cancer is not.

A friendship, a partnership, a game that requires you to show up like you’ve never shown up before. She will scare you to get your full attention. She is game on. She requires your best. Everyday. Or you will suffer.

You can pile more layers of disconnect, toxicity, and bullshit on top of her. She will retaliate by weakening your power, your immunity, your resilience, and your soul. Surgeries, scar tissue, radiation, chemo and synthetic chemical medicines breed layers of disconnect on top of her. You most likely will survive, but you will always fear her.

You could choose the path of unconsciousness. You will be given many chances to play the war victim. You will be pressured into choices that have long-term negative consequences and irreversible side effects. You’ll need to go deep into the dark cave, alone, to slow down the emergency. To navigate from within. Cancer is a dis-ease that requires the deepest of digestion. Cancer means you missed dozens of wake-up calls. The time to pay attention is now, and yesterday.

Culture will suck you into the victim, the war, and your outdated personality with all its might. Culture will show up as your family, your doctors, and Google. Culture drives cancer.


She is misunderstood, Cancer.

Perhaps intentionally.

Perhaps out of primal fear.

She is the goddess of death and rebirth. Her game has rules. You may learn the hard way. I did.

Now, I know her. I know her game, her rules. I respect her beauty. She intertwines all the realms of our human experience, from cultural to primal, from body to spirit, from emotional to relational., from fear to epiphany.

To hold her hand, you must let go of who you were. Offer your preferences as food at her altar. Then, she will guide you, detox you. Then, she will show you true nourishment. She will lead you to primal, to freedom you otherwise will never know


Leave behind everything that isn’t working. Leave behind people telling you what to do and how to do it. Your people will not want you to play her game. They fear her. That is part of the game.

Cancer is a path to a higher life. She knows the way through. Listen with everything you’ve got, and she will show you the way.

On to the game of your life.


If you care to read the book, click here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal

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P.P.S.. As with all my books, there is an online access portal. The portal is for:

  1. People with a scary diagnosis
  2. People who work with people that have a scary diagnosis
  3. People who want to prevent a scary diagnosis.

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