Fireside Chat

P.S.  You can get the book here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal  

For us, I’m organizing a get-together.
January 24, 11 am PT (HYPERLINK TO SIGNUP)
I’m not giving a lecture.
I’ll give a reading.

If the P.S. is here to be catchy, I don’t want to remove it, but it strikes me as odd since it’s also at the end of the email… maybe just start with “You can get…”? Or was this meant to be the Preview Text?

We’ll chat.
I’ll host.
Why come?

  • You want to take a nap while I read my book
  • You’re crazy curious about my personal experiments for the past 18 months
  • You’d rather not have cancer
  • You work with clients who have a Scary Diagnosis
  • You have a Scary Diagnosis
  • You want my key takeaways from my Dance with Cancer
  • You care about someone with cancer

I’ll let people know what we’re doing for people with cancer in Club Thrive, and what is working.

Please forward to share.

If you care to read the book, click here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal. By buying it and sharing it… you shift the algorithm. Then, it’s easier for the people looking for something like this to find it. So, thank you for passing it forward, from them.