Witch’s Cancer Drops Jan. 17

I’ll listen.
Cancer made me a better listener.
She teaches you the rules of her game: keep your eyes wide open, search for clues, get fit as a fiddle, clean as a whistle, and sharp as an axe. Shed culture completely. Culture led you to Cancer’s kitchen. If you want to survive her, go primal. The game is the transformation from dukha to sukha… dirty space to clean space, internally toxic to deeply cleansed, from a lower order to a higher dimension. The sooner you free yourself from the cloak of culture, the greater your chance of winning. And she is part of you. Cancer wants you to win. If you play her game consciously, she will give you the ride of your life and the playbook for the next dimension.
* * *
Cancer demands a complete rebuild.

She is taking you down to the studs, stripped to your core, again and again. Until you get it. Or die.

She wants to see what rises from your ashes. She also wants you to see what rises from your ashes.

If you partner with her, she will guide you. She is not what she seems. If you listen, she will strip you clean of what is not acceptable at the next level of you.

Welcome to The Witch’s Cancer Journal.


If you care to read the book, pre-order it here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal https://amzn.to/3SsZo7X. It comes out in 2 days… January 17…

P.P.S.. As with all my books, there is an online access portal. The portal is for:

  1. People with a scary diagnosis
  2. People who work with people that have a scary diagnosis
  3. People who want to prevent a scary diagnosis.

I’m guessing you fit into at least one of the categories. So, get the book… and get access to the portal.