Jan. 24… Live with me. Witch’s. Cancer. Wellness Pros. Scary Diagnosis.

“If what you expect from Cate Stillman’s share of her personal journey with cancer is unbridled honesty, waves of passion, detail, dedication to experiences and to her own inner knowing and voice, then you have likely experienced Cate before. And you’d be spot on. This book offers unapologetic dedication to— and inspiration for —the courage to listen to inner wisdom, and to act in alignment with what is found there. Beneficial support, whether we have cancer or not.”
Dr. Claudia Welch, DOM, Author of Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness Through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western Science

I’ve received the most heart warming emails and DM’s for the The Witch’s Cancer Journal. Thank you.

Now, about this get-together I’m organizing for us on Jan. 24, 11 am PT…

I’ll let people know what we’re doing for people with scary diagnoses in Club Thrive and Primal Habits, and what is working.

I’m curious what chapters you want me to read or discuss. I’m thinking…

  • The Bardo
  • The Sacrifice
  • Sweep
  • Holy Shit

But, I’m open to recommendations, so if you have the book… email back and let me know.

And please share…

This is the book I wish existed and the wisdom and insights I wish I had when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s raw, real, unfiltered, and explores the questions we should all be asking. If you or someone you love is touched by cancer, The Witch’s Cancer Journal is an inspiration to discover what the cancer is trying to tell us and how we can leverage it for ‘radical reinvention’ and healing.  I love Cate’s perspective and the way she shares her story and her truth.

  • Crista Grasso, Founder of the Lean Out Method

January 24, 11 am PT (HYPERLINK TO SIGN UP)

We’ll chat.
I’ll host.

Why come?

  • You’re crazy curious about my personal experiments for the past 18 months
  • You’d rather not have cancer
  • You care about someone with cancer
  • You work with clients who have a Scary Diagnosis
  • You have a Scary Diagnosis
  • You want my key takeaways from my Dance with Cancer


If you care to read the book, click here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal

By buying it and sharing it… you shift the algorithm. Then, it’s easier for the people looking for something like this to find it. So, thank you for passing it forward, from them.