Pricing Your Best Offer Ever

Charge more… and you feel guilty. Charge less… and your lifestyle is too busy. What to do?

Oh, the question of price.

You may hear things like, “Charge what you’re worth.”
Or, you may be encouraged by a business coach to increase your prices.

Both of those ideas I do not endorse.

How do you assess what you are worth?

How do you retain clients at a higher price point?

What are you worth, anyway?


Listen up.

You are worth the value of the transformation you can guarantee.
Otherwise, you’re too high risk for a serious investment.

What the heck am I talking about?

Let’s say Jane wants to work with you.
Let’s say you want to work with Jane. You normally charge by the service. Which makes sense in a transactional economy.

Yet, you know you are missing leverage.

(Leverage means you are not trading time for money.)

You know you are worth oh so much more than you are charging.

But… how do you switch from transactional to transformational?
It’s a big f*cking leap.
This leap gets easier if you are regularly receiving referrals and have a potent following.

Not a huge following.

But a potent following that values your specific services.

How do you leap to the transformation you can guarantee?
How do you price the value of the transformation?



Now you are asking the right questions.

This should keep you up at night.

You should fall asleep with this thought on your frontal cortex. You should wake up and implant this thought again into the liminal space, in case it left your frontal cortex.

What is the value of the transformation only you could guide?
That means you are built into the value.

Here is where it gets interesting.
Stay tuned.

P.s. Taking time to build or update your best offer ever is work. It’s not any kind of work. It’s the right work.

Work on YOUR BEST OFFER EVER is required if you want to be more effective. The side benefits to being more effective are a better lifestyle. You lead from lifestyle. You earn more profit. More profit gives you more space and time. More space and time gives you more personal wellness. You more well makes you more effective. Your core offer to results gets better. Your clients won’t want to leave. They will want to bring friends.

This is known as a virtuous cycle.