Yogic Perspective on the 4 Aims of Life, the 5 Elements + Who You Are Next

In this insightful podcast of Club Thrive with Cate Stillman, Cate engages in a thought-provoking conversation covering a wide range of topics, from personal growth and introspection to business strategies and the interconnectedness of life experiences. Join in as Cate and Club Hero members share stories, reflections, and valuable insights that span the realms of intuition, business, and personal development.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Gain a deeper understanding of personal growth and the journey toward self-discovery.
  • Explore the intricate connections between personal experiences, intuition, and business strategies.
  • Uncover the importance of redefining values, developing strengths, and navigating through life transitions.
  • Learn valuable lessons from the anecdotes and perspectives shared by the participants.
  • Discover practical insights into strategic planning, reframing challenges, and finding light in moments of darkness.


  • Sheep Shearing Analogy: Explore the metaphor of sheep shearing and its parallels to shedding cultural baggage, unveiling truths, and embracing personal growth.
  • Roots and Trees Analogy: Delve into the analogy of roots and trees, symbolizing the importance of understanding and strengthening one’s foundations for a flourishing life.
  • 10X Moments: Understand the concept of 10X moments, embracing inconceivability, and recognizing the interconnectedness of challenges and solutions.
  • Franchising Insights: Gain unexpected insights into franchising through a chance encounter and how it relates to the “who, not how” philosophy.
  • Darkness and Light: Explore the theme of navigating through darkness, waiting for the light, and the transformative power of spontaneous catharsis.


“What’s the 80% of culture that’s just bullshit to you?”

“Fix the roots, and the tree grows.”

“Light increases light.”

“Time awaiting, time moving forward.”


As we wrap up this enlightening conversation, remember the power of shedding the unnecessary, understanding your roots, and embracing inconceivability on your journey. Whether you’re exploring personal growth, business strategies, or the mystical realm of intuition, these insights will leave you inspired and equipped with practical wisdom for your unique journey.

Tune in for more discussions on life, business, and personal development. Stay connected and keep exploring the interconnected tapestry of experiences that shape our paths.