What it’s like to publish my diary…

Now, if you’re new here… this next week of emails is going to be TMI. Too much. And if you’ve been around, I feel like you should know.

(BTW: I no longer have cancer. I’m super good. I’m no longer scared of cancer.)

Why the journal?

My ancestors don’t get cancer once. They get cancer again and again and again. I didn’t want to fear cancer and treatments, side-effects, and all the drama that goes with that particular diagnosis.

Writing helped me heal. No question. Having somewhere to record what was going on.

Why am I releasing it to the public on Amazon on Jan. 17?

Good question.
I’ve sat with that question. I had one good friend who has a writing business tell me that her method with her writers is edit, edit, edit.

This book is barely edited.
I tried to protect the innocent ignorant.
I tried to make it make sense to anyone who is into holistic healing.

But why publish?

It’s certainly not that I expect this book to be a bestseller. Though we will return to #1 in Indigenous Wisdom + Tribal medicine.

Why publish my journal? Good question. When I published on urine therapy, it worked against my business. I’m guessing Witch’s Cancer could do the same. As a successful business woman, this book should be burned and my name omitted.

While I love business, success and wealth… it was never my main motivator. Business is a means of impact. I love business.

More than business, success and wealth, I love truth and wisdom.

I shared the journal with a few friends at first. What I heard back made me schedule the release date on Amazon for next week.
_______ _______ _______ _______ _______

I read the journal in a couple hours. Best book of the year! Wow!
Claudia Huber

You had me at “Her Altar.” Sheesh. Nailed it.
Sarita-Linda Rocco

I read this book – first word to last – in one sitting.
Kristen Hugins, Founder of Joyfull Communications

I read it in an afternoon. I “gulped”it. Powerful, raw, heartfelt & impactful.
Robin Holliday

_______ _______ _______ _______ _______
Obviously, the best reason to publish is that it may be helpful to others. My friend Crista Grasso wrote to me, “This is the book I wish existed and the wisdom and insights I wish I had when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Because I wanted to see cancer through to the other side, unafraid of death, eyes wide open.

I wrote as the days went by. Not because I needed to write my 6th book. But, because I needed a record of what I was doing… in case I needed it in the future.

I wrote it for my daughter… in case she also has Lynch Syndrome (she has the test but hasn’t taken it yet).

I publish it for the daughters and sisters and aunties who might not have someone like me to talk to right now.


P.S.You can order it here: The Witch’s Cancer Journal