Microbiome Diet, Gastric Bypass Surgery, and What You Need To Know If You Have Weight Creep

Join us in this episode as we explore the connections between gut health, gastric bypass surgery, and weight management. Dr. Terry Simpson, a former weight loss surgeon who now specializes in culinary medicine, discusses how culinary skills can impact your microbiome and overall health. Learn how these factors play a crucial role in managing weight creep post-surgery.

What You’ll Gain from Tuning In

  • Understanding Culinary Medicine: Discover why developing cooking skills surpasses diet trends, especially critical after medical treatments like gastric bypass surgery.
  • Insights into Post-Surgical Nutrition: Explore the changes in gut health and microbiome post-surgery and their implications for digestion and nutrition.
  • Practical Dietary Shifts: Gain actionable advice on adopting healthier eating habits, appreciating the benefits of a diverse diet, and steering clear of processed foods.


  • Dr. Simpson’s Journey: Transition from performing weight loss surgeries to promoting the benefits of culinary medicine.
  • Impact of Cooking at Home: Discuss how home-cooked meals can drastically improve your health and help manage weight effectively post-surgery.
  • Dietary Education Post-Surgery: Understand the critical role of diet in achieving successful surgical outcomes and preventing weight regain.
  • Microbiome and Dietary Choices: Learn how your dietary choices can significantly alter your microbiome, influencing weight management and overall health.


“If you don’t learn the basics of eating a good, diverse, healthy diet and you have weight loss surgery, you’re not setting yourself up for the most fundamental thing that you can do for your health and your future.” — Dr. Terry Simpson

“We feed our gut, and then our gut helps us.” — Dr. Terry Simpson

“Your health and your future depend on the diversity of your diet.” — Dr. Terry Simpson

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  • Dr. Terry Simpson’s Culinary Medicine Resources: For insights into culinary medicine and healthy cooking tips, visit Dr. Terry Simpson’s website.

Thank you for joining us in this discussion with Dr. Terry Simpson. We hope this episode inspires you to take control of your health through culinary medicine, particularly if you are managing your weight after gastric bypass surgery. Remember, your kitchen is the starting point for a healthier life. Keep tuning in for more episodes that connect food, habits, and health.

Stay curious, stay motivated, and thrive!