Issue #1: You don’t have TIME to work on your OFFER

I was there. Here is what I did

Story: Flashback to 2002-2007. I’m doing Ayurvedic consultations, and Ayurvedic bodywork 1-1. I’m doing deep detox week long retreats, 1-1. I’m teaching yoga classes. My work is satisfying, but I’m not effective at getting lasting results.

I need more time with my clients and students.
I need them to be more committed.
I need them to be more invested.
I need a smarter structure.

I’m trying to get time to work on MY BEST OFFER EVER… during all this. My calendar is full of appointments.

I want to just work on MY BEST OFFER EVER.
But, I don’t have TIME.

Watch the video. We’ll find the time.

Having the best possible offer you can. That is working smarter, not more. More work means you haven’t got your offer dialed in.

The problem with being busy is we often lose track of EXACTLY what is the best use of our time.

The busier we are, the more this happens. Everything and everyone needs your attention. You can’t find the time. You do tomorrow what you did yesterday.


Here are names of offers of our members at Wellness Pro Academy. (We guide wellness pros to develop, launch, get leads, and sell their best offer ever.

Here are 12 of my favorites.
Which do you like?


  1. Fabulous Forever – Dorothy Matthews
  2. Stiff Guys’ Club – Geoff Mackenzie
  3. The Body Evolves Tribe – Jacalyn Prete
  4. Wise and Thrive – Kori Vanhouten
  5. Vitality Circle – Sarah Hutchinson
  6. Total Transformation – Kinga Helena Kondratowicz
  7. Glow with the Season – Monica Biasiolo
  8. Journey to You – Patrick Heffernan
  9. Clear Mind Strong Body – Kris Quinones
  10. Esprit d’Evolution – Kate Dupays
  11. Shine – Carman Murray
  12. Sober Thrive Tribe – Courtney Cahill

Most of these people didn’t have time to work on their offer. Until they made time.

Let’s find the time to work on your offer.
I’ll show you where it’s hiding in the video.

Stay tuned with me in this process.

You’ll develop a much better offer for 2024!