How to Get into the Spirit of The Thing You Need to Do Next: Convo with Brett Larkin and Cate Stillman

Join Cate Stillman and her guest Brett Larkin in this enlightening podcast episode as they delve into the concept of Kundalini awakening. They challenge traditional notions and shed light on the true essence of Kundalini energy. Get ready to explore the misconceptions surrounding this profound spiritual experience and gain a deeper understanding of how it manifests in your own life.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • A fresh perspective on Kundalini awakening and its true nature
  • Insight into the misconceptions and paradigm shifts associated with Kundalini energy
  • Understanding the importance of an orbit-based perspective
  • Embracing your personal Kundalini awakening journey and its unique expression
  • Realizing the significance of small energetic shifts and the ongoing reawakening process


  • Defining Kundalini: Explore different interpretations and the classical understanding of Kundalini energy.
  • Reframing Kundalini as an Orbit: Discover the significance of perceiving Kundalini as an ongoing orbit rather than a volcanic eruption.
  • Kundalini Awakening as a Reawakening: Embrace the idea that Kundalini awakening is a return to your innate state of energy flow and embodiment.
  • Individuality in Kundalini Awakening: Recognize that each person’s Kundalini awakening journey is unique and a reflection of their authentic self.
  • Spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings: Understand the rare instances of spontaneous awakenings and the importance of taming and integrating the energy.
  • The Power of Mini Kundalini Awakenings: Appreciate the significance of everyday moments and clearing blockages as a continuous reawakening process.


“The first big paradigm shift I’d invite for listeners around this concept of Kundalini is that yes, we do have a lot of energy closer to our genitals… But the Kundalini is an orbit, meaning it’s always traveling up and down in a loop.”

“Your Kundalini awakening is a Kundalini reawakening… It’s your birthright and what happens to you shapes and influences the energy flow.”

“Instead of it becoming this static samati state, it’s actually like you embodying and moving through life in your fullest… It’s these moments of authentic expression and expansion.”

“The two snakes instead of the one snake, if you want to think about snakes, for me has been very helpful… It’s an ascension and a descension, and you have to get good at both.”

“Every time you clear an energetic blockage, every time you open up to something new in your body… every single one of those mini moments is the Kundalini reawakening because it’s already awakened and there and coming into full orbit.”


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So tune in to this enlightening podcast episode to gain a deeper understanding of Kundalini awakening, challenge misconceptions, and embrace your unique journey of spiritual awakening and personal growth. Get ready to embark on a transformative exploration of self-discovery and energetic alignment.