Focus Your Life

Welcome to Thrive with Cate. Today’s episode is about your focus and your relationship with time. Get insights from Cate’s newest book: UnInflamed, Chapter FOCUS. Get inspired by the power of fasting, discipline, and intentional living to unlock your potential.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Unleash your potential through discipline and intentional living
  • Boost cognitive clarity with the power of fasting
  • Gain insights from Inflame and explore the evolutionary perspective on fasting
  • Harness Lex Fridman’s morning mantra to propel your purpose
  • Cultivate a fulfilling life with sacred focus and decluttering
  • Optimize your schedule for peak focus and task-specific efficiency


  1. Fasting for Focus:
  • Link discipline, fasting, and a meaningful life
  • Optimize cognition and brain health with intermittent fasting
  • Dr. Mark Mattson’s research on cognitive benefits
  1. Lex Fridman’s Morning Mantra:
  • Focus and purposeful living according to Lex Fridman
  • Six components: rules, gratitude, goals, visualization, core principles
  1. Propelling Your Purpose:
  • Focused work for goal achievement
  • Tailor schedule, eliminate distractions, prioritize skill-building
  1. Power of Sacred Focus and Decluttering:
  • Enhance focus and create a sacred environment through decluttering
  • Material possessions’ impact on attention and mental clarity
  • Primal habits and sacral chakra for fostering focus and purpose
  1. Designing Your Life for Focus and Experiences:
  • Connect focus, time, and creating a body of work
  • Determine necessary focused work for life purpose
  • Practical tips for scheduling and setting constraints


“Fasting frees up energy efficiencies for focus that otherwise could be sacrificed to digestion.” – Uninflamed

“Identifying three wins at the end of today and visualizing three new ones for tomorrow gives you a clear sense of achievement and encouragement.” – Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy

“Simplifying your life by decluttering brings the sacred to the forefront.” – Uninflamed

“Rooted in your sacrum, you live from relaxed awareness, being in space and time right now, aware of your power, free to make the best decision to run your next experiment.” – Uninflamed


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