Censorship, Deep State, Democracy + Health Choices with Ivan Raiklin

Welcome to the Club Thrive Podcast with Cate Stillman, where we immerse ourselves in a candid dialogue with Cate and Ivan Raiklin. Together, they navigate a diverse spectrum of subjects, from the complexities of environmental politics to the far-reaching impact of censorship and media manipulation on our society.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • A deep dive into the world of environmental politics and activism.
  • Insights into the impact of censorship, media manipulation, and social media on public discourse.
  • Discussions about ideological subversion, information control, and foreign influence.
  • Thoughts on the erosion of individual freedoms and the consequences of chronic inflammation.
  • A glimpse into the challenges of revealing controversial truths and maintaining personal integrity.


  • Highlighting a courageous woman’s three-decade incarceration for her environmental efforts. The discussion also delves into the conflict between ideologies and the party line.
  • The conversation delves into life in a government-controlled economy, challenging the perceptions of those unacquainted with such experiences. Additionally, foreign influences and their impact on information control and manipulation are explored.
  • Ivan introduced the concept of ideological subversion, drawing parallels between its use by the Soviet Union and modern information warfare. The conversation exposes the consequences of information manipulation and algorithms on society while addressing the potential risks of widespread censorship.


“If China can leverage the greed of corporations to gain access to their market, they may push these corporations to manipulate society for their benefit.”

“Chronic inflammation affects our ability to think ethically and orient ourselves towards purpose and meaning.”

“Everything that’s occurred in recent years seems to benefit an entity at our expense.”


Exploring the truth and controversy in today’s complex world can be challenging, but it’s vital for understanding the forces at play in society. Join us as we continue to dig deeper into these topics and encourage critical thinking and open dialogue. Stay tuned for more intriguing discussions on a variety of subjects, as we aim to shed light on the intricate issues that shape our world.