The Quiet Complications from Surgery are Hidden in Your Scar Tissue – with Jini Patel Thompson

In this episode, Cate Stillman interviews Jini Patel Thompson’s healing journey, which began with IBS, Crohn’s, and colon issues. They explore the challenges she faced with conventional medicine and the turning point when she discovered the Elemental Diet, leading to profound transformation. Throughout the conversation, Jini emphasizes the significance of intuition, body wisdom, and metaphysical aspects of healing.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Insight into Jini Patel Thompson’s healing journey with Crohn’s disease.
  • Exploration of alternative healing approaches and the discovery of the Elemental Diet.
  • Knowledge about the power of intuition and body wisdom in the healing process.
  • Understanding of the role of energy and consciousness in healing and disease.
  • Awareness of how the body communicates through symptoms and their significance.
  • Insights into the concept of the wounded healer and its impact on helping others.
  • Importance of giving oneself permission to prioritize healing and self-care.


  • Jini shares her background and how she developed Crohn’s disease at a young age.
  • The limitations of conventional medicine in treating chronic conditions like Crohn’s.
  • Jini’s journey through different healing modalities and her eventual discovery of the Elemental diet significantly improved her condition.
  • Jini discusses the power of intuition and body wisdom in the healing process.
  • The role of energy and consciousness in healing and disease.


“It’s not just my belief, it’s a fact that the digestive system is the most fundamental piece to healing the body.”

“I just knew that the pill-popping wasn’t gonna work, but I didn’t know what was going to work.”

“The language of intuition is telepathy, and the language of telepathy is intuition.”

“The body is speaking to you on every level.”

“Your body is speaking to you for your highest good.”

“Every single thing can be healed. It is 100% possible.”


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Tune in to hear Jini Patel Thompson share her personal healing journey and the wisdom she gained through exploring alternative healing modalities. Learn about the power of intuition, body wisdom, and the profound connection between the mind and body. Don’t miss this enlightening and empowering conversation with Jini.