Cate Witch’s Fireside Chat

Welcome to the Thrive with Cate Stillman podcast, In this insightful episode, we will dive into a conversation about navigating challenging health diagnoses, particularly focusing on kidney dysfunction. The discussion unfolds with personal stories and experiences, highlighting the transformative power of primal habits and holistic approaches to well-being.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges associated with facing serious health diagnoses.
  • Discover the role of primal habits and holistic approaches in the journey to healing.
  • Learn about the importance of supporting and holding space for loved ones during their health struggles.
  • Explore the connection between lifestyle choices, habits, and the body’s ability to recover and thrive.


  • Embracing primal habits for holistic healing
  • The connection between lifestyle choices and health
  • Impact of primal habits on the nervous system
  • Focus on kidney dysfunction challenges
  • Role of primal habits in recovery and kidney function


“It is the habits before agriculture that drove human evolution and are the habits that can heal us.”

“Your nervous system, attuned to the primal, synchronizes with the magnetic pull of the earth, offering immunity and resilience.”

“Being a wounded healer is crucial; embracing your own journey through challenges is what brings resilience.”


As we conclude this enlightening podcast, we are reminded that embracing primal habits and holistic approaches can pave the way for healing. The journey through health challenges is not only about personal transformation but also about supporting others on their path. By understanding the profound impact of lifestyle choices and habits, we unlock the potential for resilience and well-being. If you resonate with this conversation, consider exploring more in Club Thrive and Wellness Pro Academy. Remember, you are the medicine, and your journey contributes to the collective healing of those around you.